Our non-profit group, many members of which have decades of experience in the field of urban preservation, has come together specifically to provide immediate, sophisticated and intense hands-on technical assistance. We will advise, support and lead grassroots advocacy campaigns in our all too fragile area.

Though protections such as zoning and landmark designation exist, they require an aggressive and informed citizenry to be effective. A development proposal usually arrives with a “war chest” and a phalanx of experts. Neighbors coming together to oppose it must often start from scratch, learning the system, raising funds, garnering public support – and they must do all this while the clock is ticking.

Imagine the success that would be possible if those citizens had an existing organization to turn to that could immediately provide strategic advice, technical assistance, access to experts, the instant ability to receive tax-exempt donations and, on occasion, even provide seed money. Defenders of the Historic Upper East Side has made this dream a reality.

In partnership with local groups, Defenders of the Historic Upper East Side fills a narrow but critical void. We will provide the best possible defense for our beloved and often beleaguered neighborhood.



  • Speaks out against all proposals that would damage the historic character and scale of the Upper East Side.
  • Is ready to mount a campaign against any plan that would cause serious damage to the area.
  • Each month, informs the members of all proposals that affect the built environment.
  • Is happy to support appropriate plans when proposed.